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Prosper at Life!

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”
Rapid transformation with spiritually based
therapy that has been called “nothing short of miraculous”.
Create a crystal clear vision for the life you imagine.
Work with Dr. Christine to overcome your obstacles and succeed at living a vibrant, abundant and purpose-filled life.

American Board of Hypnotherapy - Certified & Registered - Dr. Christine Malenda MhD
Holistic Chamber of Commerce | Long Island Smithtown, NY Chapter

Open each door below to enter the world of healing, wisdom and mastery.


The world’s most successful people seek the expertise and wisdom of those who can inspire their greatest solutions.


My Healing

This breakthrough program introduces or expands Active Meditation and Intuitive Development.



Life changing sessions of counseling, healing modalities and spiritual enlightenment tailored to meet the need of each individual.



The lasting change you desire. “Nothing short of miraculous!”



You are a quintessential coach~ Your relentless perseverance for me to reach my greatest potential is so appreciated~ Your love and devotion along with your powerful approach to get to the core issues whether it is personal or professional is quite incredible~  I respect your ability to listen with great focus and then to offer advice that is spot on.  You helped me see what I was unable to see in myself~ Christine, because of your dedication to living in your truth, I am now able to recognize the faulty thoughts and feelings that were hidden.  Now that I can live a more peaceful, loving and truthful life~  Your guidance has given me the ability to explore opportunities I have never explored, open up to people I perhaps would not have opened up to and with your support my home is more loving, efficient and fun!  Spiritually I have grown closer to God and for this my most precious gift I thank you for without you in my life I would have not been able to see the light that has always been desiring to come out to the world”—J

“I love how you add richness to the material through your personal experiences. You clearly stand in the power of your being, which includes your love and wisdom. You truly live life and so are always prepared for your clients. I love how you maintain direction of the class, moving on when it is time! Your students past, present and future are so fortunate to be with you. You ARE healing.”—J

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do. Not just for me, but for all women. You are an earth angel and it is a privilege to work with you. I know I am growing and finding my way. I am shedding my demons. My past doesn’t have to dictate my future. I am more loving and accepting of others. I am ready to live my passion!”—J

“When I came to my first counseling session with Christine, I was a bit nervous, but within the first five minutes of the session I was quickly at ease.  She made me laugh, feel safe, calm and my anxiety melted away.  Working with Christine always makes me feel like I’m not alone…Peace and Thank you Christine!”—H

“To look back at my first half of life all I can see is that I was walking around in a fog.  Now after taking meditation classes and going to Christine for private counseling work, my life is more joyful and peaceful.  Take a class with Christine and watch your life bloom!  You are a diamond in my treasure box of life!  Bless You”—M

“The amount that I’ve learned from you is immeasurable.  Personally, professional and spiritually, your counseling  provided me strength and an ability to recognize fear and replace it with love.  Replace darkness and provide light.  Healing to other individuals by sending light and love to them as well. Challenged beyond challenged to recognize my deepest feelings and I was able to provide truth to you.  As a private counselor you were so different, so much better – WOW what a relief!”—S

“I had the pleasure of being coached by Christine and I have learned that the coaching process can be very powerful and transforming. Christine coached me on several important life decisions and her compassion, wisdom, powerful presence and seasoned experience played a significant part in helping me to move into a new understanding of these situations. I would highly recommend Christine to anyone who is looking for a life coach! Thank you so much Christine for your help!”—L

“Christine is a very present coach who is right there with you through each session and conversation.  She combines this listening with compassion and understanding to encourage her clients as we move forward.  She has experience and maturity and confidence to help us, her clients grow in our confidence and make the changes we want to make.  Thanks, Christine.“—L

Christine Malenda is a transformational coach. She always has her eye on what is missing and how we can handle it so we can succeed. She is a beautiful warrior. She is wise and gentle, strong and caring. I recommend her and am happy to speak with anyone about her.”—G 

“Personable and intimate. I am so impressed with your teaching style. I will emulate your ability to bring us out, include us and sincerely care about us. Your gentle speech and wonderful examples are an inspiration for me. Thank you, love you!”—A

“There is no “someday” – really hit home. I love your voice, dynamic personality, wonderful examples and you’re a great story teller! Awesome finish, great job, wow!”—A

“Your heart is enormous, open, loving, caring, devoted and unconditional. You know exactly what to write and say at all times. Bless you for your guidance and for teaching me. You have made me fierce!”—L

“Your heart is enormous, open, loving, caring, devoted and unconditional. You know exactly what to write and say at all times. Bless you for your guidance and for teaching me. You have made me fierce!”—L

“Christine is healing and magnetic. I love you and felt so close to you about all of your stories. You are real, authentic, and help me reveal my deepest truth.”—T

“I love Christine’s life stories. I can relate to the issues, learn from it and make it better. Christine is very authentic and magnetic. I just loved learning how to truly make things better. Great presentation!”—B

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