You Have the Answer to Everything!

You Have the Answer to Everything!

Have you ever heard your own voice utter the words, “…Oh, I don’t know…”. Innocently, nonchalantly, over a cup of coffee with a friend? It is surprising how often I hear people say that phrase out loud. I hear it in my daily encounters, I hear it on television, and I hear it in many counseling sessions with my wonderfully intelligent clients. The fact is this phrase has become an acceptable form of jargon in our culture, a way to pause while talking and thinking, and it is a lie.

Science has proven that energy follows thought. A focused thought has enough energy behind it to launch a rocket to the moon. Now if you want the secret of knowing it all, direct your energetic and powerful thoughts to the ultimate“Know It All”. It is your body. Your amazing, miraculous, wise and wonderful body. (When was the last time you called it that?!) The human body is providing us with every answer we could ever need in any given moment, in any situation. If you are willing to examine that glorious truth, the possibility of “not knowing” anything comes to a screeching halt. Your body is a beautiful barometer, weighing and measuring how everything makes you feel, followed by an instant report back to you. The answer to every question you could ever ponder is found by asking yourself, “How does this make me feel?”

There is a sure and certain path to peace and wisdom and that path will take you within. Your best answers, the ones for your highest good, cannot be found outside of you. Questions such as, “What is my life purpose?” “What is the best career for me?” “Is this my perfect mate?” and the frequently asked “What should I eat?”, can all be answered with perfect clarity. Follow what you are considering with, “How does this make me feel?”. Your answers of yes or no will arrive with crystal clarity.

One of my favorite characters is Winnie the Pooh. Now Pooh Bear begins consideration of all things my thumping his head and insisting out loud, “Think, think, think!” but ultimately no amount of thinking is going to solve the situation. What he “feels” is a rumbly in his tumbly, and the feeling of satisfaction can only come from honey! Once he has it, he breaks into song and is the happiest of bears, all because he listened to his feelings.

The energy needed to keep thinking about things, talking about things, wondering why they are not the way we are demanding them to be, is such an exhausting cycle that it can feel like being a mouse on a wheel. Our feelings are pulsing messages of great insight to us. When things feel good, we come closer to ourselves. We feel at home in our heart. There is peace, joy and vitality beaming from within. This is how we can know it all. At all times searching for the next choice that will bring us closer to aligning with feelings of inspiration. When someone or something makes you feel bad, you could choose to thank it for showing you that there is a better alternative for you, which can only be found in an alternate direction. Pain, suffering, exhaustion, frustration, sadness, anger, insistence are just some of the debilitating and life draining emotions we could allow to cycle inside and drain our bodies. We could also choose to use only a moment of these negative feelings for redirecting us toward choices that give rise to joy.

Well meaning friends, demanding acquaintances, a world full of things you “must have” or “must do”, our titles and relationships can all repress the truest and wisest voice that you could ever hear, your own. It takes but a moment to check within. It is okay to have a moment of silence in a conversation. It is often a rare gift of peace. Instead of blurting, “Oh, I don’t know”, take one silent moment to feel your body’s report. “How does this make me feel?” Bad=No. Good=Yes. You really do have the answer to everything!

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