Forgive, Offer, Surrender, Release

Forgive, Offer, Surrender, Release

Forgive yourself everything, for God has already forgiven. Children know not what they do. It is the child’s way, in every thought, word and deed to pull upon instant gratification.

In humbleness, offer all that you are to glorify the Greatest Love of All, which is of God. The Supreme and ever present Loving God already knows our next thoughts. He knows every corner of our heart. It is through wisdom that we join all that we do in communion with His Loving Hand upon humanity.

Surrender all I think I know, for in fact, I know nothing. Life flows through me and it is only by His Will. Creation is the expression of our Maker, Lord and Savior, uniquely manifesting through the individuality of me…His Will be done.

I release, by wisdom, any belief that I am in control. May He forever use me as His channel to expand His Love, Light and Healing in all of His ways, through all of my days, Amen.

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